Uxbridge Real Estate Market Update Month End January-2015

February 5, 2015 - Updated: February 5, 2015

January 2015 Month End Uxbridge Real Estate Market Update

*The Oil Patch Influence*
With the limited number of sales that take place in Uxbridge each month one should recognize that the average sale price is not the best indicator of what is happening to home values in your neighbourhood 
Looking at the average sale price year over year for January for example we see a 20.93% drop in our Uxbridge average sale price. One's immediate thought might be the financial situation created by the dropping oil prices is rapidly driving home values down. 
One clue that this is not necessarily the case can be found in the median home sale prices, the halfway point between the highest and the lowest sale price for the month. Here we see that while down considerable from 2014 (a year filled with anomalies) it is only slightly down from 2013 and up from the years prior to that. 
Another clue is the fact that homes priced properly are selling very quickly, some over asking, at prices much higher than last year. 
As always the best indicator of what is happening to the value of your home is to have comparative market analysis done by a competent Realtor® 



Jan/2015 Real Estate Market Update For Uxbridge   
Current Month Year Over Year
Month Sales Volume Avg Price Med Price Avg % List Ave Dom Active New Listings
Jan/2011 19 $7,390,000 $388,947 $375,000 97 50 106 49
Jan/2012 17 $7,277,350 $428,079 $423,000 96 73 105 43
Jan/2013 11 $5,331,600 $484,691 $435,000 98 46 87 34
Jan/2014 16 $9,359,400 $584,963 $552,500 94 39 99 43
Jan/2015 14 $6,475,800 $462,557 $431,650 97 61 63 38
  Sales Volume Avg Price Med Price Avg % List Ave Dom Active New Listings
Percentage of last year
  87.50% 69.19% 79.07% 78.13% 103.19% 156.41% 63.64% 88.37%
Percentage increase/decrease
  -12.50% -30.81% -20.93% -21.87% 3.19% 56.41% -36.36% -11.63%

 *New Listings also includes listings that were previously listed and had expired then were relisted, terminated and relisted or may have been relisted by a different broker.

** Active listings currently includes a large number of new home listings



You can view all our historical charts by visiting our Market Reports and Statistics page Here

  • caveat - E&OE - these numbers reflect the raw data as reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board for the past month at the time of posting no attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of or update the information reported.

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