Uxbridge Real Estate Market Update - 2013 A Year In Review - #4 in The Series

January 18, 2014 - Updated: January 18, 2014

The Uxbridge Real Estate Market - The Year In Review - #4 in a Series


Seasonal Trends.

The following graphs combine 3 aspects of the housing market in Uxbridge, to show trends over a short time frame in the last year. While you will find variations from year to year there is a fairly typical trend to all three aspects in each quarter.



Looking at the First Quarter of this year active listings as well as sales were all trending upward at relatively the same rate. This is typical of a very stable market.

1st Quarter 2013


In the Second Quarter of this year sales numbers rose to their highest for the year but the competition for buyers grew as active listings grew over the quarter and the number of sales did not. This type of market generally favours the buyer.


Understanding the Statistics

You may ask yourself why the number of sales and new listings did not change a lot, yet the number of active listings continued to climb.  If you remember in an earlier post we spoke about the number of homes that show as new listings but are actually ones that expired or were terminated and then re-listed. With the spring market being traditionally one of the best many homes that had been on the market earlier may simply have been re-listed with new spring pictures instead of the winter ones thus distorting the new vs active listing ratios and trend lines.

Understanding the Statistics


2nd Quarter 2013


The Third Quarter saw a dropping number for sales but a still increasing number of active listings. This type of market is definitely a good real estate market for a buyer who was looking to buy in a less competitive market place


3rd Quarter 2013


The Fourth Quarter while a little different in numbers is consistent with the last quarter of 2012 as seen below


4th Quarter 2013



Looking at the Last Quarter of 2012 the number of active listings were trending lower at about the same rate as sales and new listings were trending lower at a slower rate than sales.


This type of market reflects a fairly stable market with the spread between active listings and buyers (who bought) remaining fairly consistent.


4th Quarter 2012


All in all the stats would indicate we are looking for an encore performance this upcoming year unless we see a dramatic change in the overall economy or in interest rates.


The Real Estate Market Is Local
and sometimes hyper-Local


Real Estate Statistics are what they are - - -
                   a historical look at a cross section of the real estate market. They do not necessarily reflect what is happening in your neighbourhood or on your street. The best way to determine the Value of Your Home is a Comparative Market Analysis. To discuss today's local Uxbridge Real Estate Market Conditions, the current value of your home or the marketing of your Home please give me a Call @ 905-852-6143

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