Uxbridge Real Estate Market Update - 2013 A Year In Review - #3 in The Series

January 11, 2014 - Updated: January 11, 2014

The Uxbridge Real Estate Market The Year In Review - #3 in a Series


 Average Sale Price Of Homes


The chart below graphically shows that, for Homes For Sale in Uxbridge, the Average Sale Price has been higher than those of the previous three years in seven of the last 12 months. With close to $150,000 difference between the low in March and the high in October you may think that Uxbridge sale prices are not very stable or that  March was the best time last year to buy. In reality we enjoy a fairly stable market here with a reasonable price growth annually. Looking at the average sale price for the past year gives us a better indication of what is happening to home values in Uxbridge.



Understanding the Statistics

We are often asked "Is the average price going up or down?

Looking at monthly average home sale prices for a small market place like Uxbridge can often give the wrong impression. Notice in the second chart the small number of sales in any given month. Because Uxbridge is so diverse and the number of sales is low a few sales on the low or high end can drastically alter the average sale price seen in the first chart.

Understanding the Statistics



The Real Estate Market Is Local
and sometimes hyper-Local


Real Estate Statistics are what they are - - -
                   a historical look at a cross section of the real estate market. They do not necessarily reflect what is happening in your neighbourhood or on your street. The best way to determine the Value of Your Home is a Comparative Market Analysis. To discuss today's local Uxbridge Real Estate Market Conditions, the current value of your home or the marketing of your Home please give me a Call @ 905-852-6143

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