Uxbridge Real Estate Market Update - 2013 A Year In Review - #2 in The Series

January 8, 2014 - Updated: January 8, 2014

The Uxbridge Real Estate Market - 2013 A Year In Review - #2 in a Series

Days On The Market

In looking at the chart below you will see that average days on the market for homes in Uxbridge dropped considerably in January, February, July, August, November and December and was down slightly in March, May and October.

When we look at the 12 month rolling averages we see that the market generally continues to tighten up with the average days on the market dropping from 62 down to 40 over the last three years.

Understanding the Statistics

"Recently a consumer asked "is the average days on the market chart based on what month the house was listed?"

The short answer to the question "is the average days on the market chart based on what day the house was listed" is yes for the current listing of a property. That is to say if a listing is cancelled or expires and is re listed and sold only the total number of days on the market for the new listing are counted. The end result is ..... it is possible for a home to be on the market for a long period of time but show up in the statistics as sold in as little as one day.

Understanding the Statistics

The Real Estate Market Is Local
and sometimes hyper-Local

Real Estate Statistics are what they are - - -
                   a historical look at a cross section of the real estate market. They do not necessarily reflect what is happening in your neighbourhood or on your street. The best way to determine the Value of Your Home is a Comparative Market Analysis. To discuss today's local Uxbridge Real Estate Market Conditions, the current value of your home or the marketing of your Home please give me a Call @ 905-852-6143




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